The female g spot and how to reach with the penis

The famous G-Spot is one of the most popular topics on websites dealing with sex issues. This part of the body was named after German gynecologist Ernst Grafenberg, the first to describe the small area behind the pubic bone and surrounding the urethra.
This spot has risen to popular fame because it is said to promote more intense and satisfying orgasms, not to mention being able to trigger the women ejaculation so many men are curious about. Stimulation of the G-Spot was also heavily used by books on sex issues as a bonus for happy couples and a true miracle for men who fail to please their ladies.
It is believed by certain experts that the G-Spot is actually a spot through which the nerves that serve the clitoris pass on their way to the connection point in the spinal column. Others say that it has evolved as a stimulation area that triggers the final phase of childbirth. It was speculated that children coming out of the uterus push this precise sport with their heads, which triggers a stronger contraction of the vagina walls in order to send the baby out.
In order to stimulate the G-Spot, men should position their penis for a thrust that is opposite to clitoris stimulation. A penis that curves upward has the natural ability to strike the vagina wall in the area around the G-Spot, while men with downward curvatures may want to try the doggy style.
The G-Spot can also be stimulated using the finger or tongue. It would require a 1 to 3-inch penetration of the vagina, since the exact distance varies from one woman to another. Experts found that changes in tissue structure occurring beyond the age of 30 make the G-Spot easier to reach. This is why some women in their thirties believe they are experiencing their sexual peak.