New Variations In Bed with Lovecentria

Routine, boredom and a million other things that get in the way tend to make sex repetitive and unexciting after a while. It's not that the two lovers plan things this way, but rather the fact that life tends to dampen enthusiasm in the long run. Using the same positions every time and building up an unshakable routine doesn't help either. I'm not sure why some people think that doing the same thing again and again is a good idea, but they are wrong. Everybody needs a little variation in his or her life, including in the bedroom department.
And variation can easily and delightfully be achieved by learning new sex positions. Far from being nothing but frills, positions are actually a great way of making the other feel your love. Changing positions during sex allows the two lovers to play with each other and to find new ways of getting and giving pleasure. If you feel that sex is getting stale, but love is still strong, then you simply have to learn some new positions and bring a little variety in the bedroom. And if you don't know where to turn to find the best information on new positions, the answer is quite simple: Lovecentria™.
Lovecentria™ has one of the most comprehensive databases of sex hints, tips and information on the Internet and, naturally, a whole section dedicated to sex positions. From the most mundane to the most exotic ones, we have them all accompanied by both text and incredible 3D animations that you can use to make sure you learn them right and make no embarrassing mistakes. It's true that getting it right the first time is pretty hard, but trying and failing is not that bad if both partners get to see the fun side. Learning new positions can really strengthen the bond between two people.
Browsing the list of new positions together and choosing the ones you are going to use in a couple of minutes can be a very sexy experience for both partners. Just think of all the pleasure lying ahead of you and focus on the fact that you are about to enjoy a great night and never worry that things might turn out wrong. You're just beginning to learn new positions so there's no reason to feel bad over a fumble, especially if the end result is mind blowing. Also, a really good idea is to try a decent number of positions in order to understand how they work.
The Lovecentria™ team has put together even more video and written guides that can add immensely to your knowledge and turn you into the ultimate lover. The entire website is packed with information that can help you understand what women think about men and how they see sex and what they like both in bed and in life. New sex positions may well turn out to be just the beginning of your acquaintance with the Lovecentria™ website and you may find yourself returning time and again to read on other topics of interest.
If you are interested in having a more exciting and exotic sex life then Lovecentria™ has it all for you, with 75 incredible 3D sex animations that you can control. Learn all these positions to become a bona fide sex god. To find out more,
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